Fire Statement Reports

Fire Statement Reports

Annual Fire Safety Statements are a legal requirement for building owners, and they must be checked annually to ensure that their fire safety systems are operational. However, despite these requirements, there is still some key information that these reports often overlook. Fire engineering reports can justify non-standard fire safety solutions, which are increasingly being used in modern buildings. Those built to BCA standards are deemed to satisfy the legal requirements for their fire safety system.


The Weyerhaeuser Company released an Oregon wildfire update, which outlines the company’s efforts to put out a fire that is threatening its timberlands. The company is working closely with federal and state authorities in tackling the fire, focusing on hot spots within the perimeter of the fire. It will also continue to assess the damage caused by the fire and make a decision on how to proceed. While the company’s operations were severely affected by the fire, it is committed to reforestation efforts.

Oregon timberlands

The Forest Service’s latest Fire Statement Reports for Oregon timberlands show an unusually high percentage of private forest acreage burned by wildfires. The company owns approximately 19,000 acres of industrial forest land and operates five mills in the state. The company employs approximately 400 people. Fires caused by wildfires are particularly devastating because of the loss of precious habitat, timber and wildlife. However, fire suppression efforts are already underway to limit the damage.

Fire safety report for University of Massachusetts Lowell

The Fire safety report for the University of Massachusetts Lowell is an important part of the campus’ safety plan. It details the fire safety measures on campus and lists the statistics for various fire-related incidents. It also describes each residence hall’s fire-safety system and provides plans for future improvements. Fire safety reports can be found on the University’s website, separate from the campus’ security report. In addition to providing statistics, the report also lists other measures to protect students and employees.

London Plan

All major applications made for a London development must be accompanied by a Fire Statement. This is a report required under Policy D12B of the London Plan that sets out an independent fire strategy for the development. The Fire Statement should be produced by an independent assessor who is qualified to provide guidance on the requirements of the London Plan. The GLA’s website has draft guidance for compliance with this requirement. The Fire Statement should address the issues of fire safety and incorporate appropriate commentary into the design documents.

Planning gateway one

When planning the development of a new high-rise residential building or a major refurbishment of an existing one, a fire statement report is a requirement. A fire statement report is necessary if the building is over 18 metres or seven storeys high, is intended for residential use, or has educational accommodation. This planning requirement also applies to external spaces. The draft Statutory Instrument sets out the responsibilities of statutory consultees.