League of Legends Coaching

League Coaching

There are many different sources for League coaching. You can check out YouTube videos from popular players such as Foggedftw2, Professor Akali, and ClipHero. There are also some YouTube channels dedicated to League of Legends, such as LoL Analyst and LoL Coach Academy. All of these resources can help you improve your game in League of Legends. While these sources don’t provide one-on-one coaching, they can provide you with useful information and tips.


If you’re looking for high-quality League of Legends coaching, consider Elventus. This company was founded by a former professional player, Eric Lay, who has moved into esports coaching. He knows what it takes to make it to the highest competitive scene in the game. In addition to professional LoL coaching, Elventus employs health and sports psychologists, who help players improve their mentality. To learn more, check out his video below.

The Elventus League Coaching service is best suited for players looking to improve their League ranks for the long-term. The Elventus team will work with each player to identify areas of improvement and build a custom plan to achieve those goals. Additionally, it provides interim assignments to keep players improving between sessions. In addition to this, the Elventus team has a thriving Discord community to provide ongoing support and help players become more efficient.

LoL Coach Academy

A new way to learn League is through a League Coach Academy. Unlike traditional League coaching, this program provides quality training to players of all levels. Its coaches provide detailed analysis of replays and live comments, so that players can improve their game and reach the top ranks quickly. You can read reviews and learn more about the coaches on community Discord servers. For the price of a few lessons, League Coach Academy can be a great choice for League players.

One of the more popular coaches on the scene is NEACE. This coach has helped numerous players rise through the ranks. His YouTube channel has over 125 video lessons on League of Legends, including lectures from the Coaching Staff and guest speakers. In addition, NEACE has participated in Bootcamp 5, which focused on theorycrafting and pre-season changes to the rift. There are numerous advantages to working with a League Coach Academy. These benefits are worth the cost, as your game will improve substantially.


If you’re looking for a coaching service in League of Legends, you’ve probably heard of ClipHero. The clip-based service offers 24/7 coaching for players who are still at the Gold or lower tiers. You can easily identify mistakes you’ve made and get better advice from the AI. Using a ClipHero coach is also more affordable than hiring a professional. You can stream your game to their servers so you can get instant feedback.

While ClipHero can help you become a better player, it’s not a perfect replacement for a personal coach. The AI in ClipHero isn’t as good as a human coach and can’t catch every tiny mechanical mistake. However, if you’re a player who’s still working on developing mechanical skills, ClipHero is a great supplement to a personal coach. In the end, it’s still best to work with an experienced trainer.

Gosu AI

The main difference between Gosu AI and the human coach in League of Legends is that the former is an in-game voice assistant. The latter is an in-game assistant that can provide players with rune optimizations before the game starts, item suggestions during the game, and skill upgrade sequences during the match. While Gosu offers basic advice, it doesn’t seem to react to the current state of the game. Its best use is for new players and beginners.

The company behind Gosu AI for League Coaching developed the AI-based coaching platform using gaming data. It secured a $2.8 million Series B investment from Brighteye Ventures, an education technology venture capital fund in Europe. Its founder, Alisa Chumachenko, started the company in 2017 in Vilnius, Lithuania. It has raised $5.6 million to date, with a $1.9M Series A investment in March.