Best Foods You Have to Try Abroad

Those memorable trips that you took with your friends where you could eat anything anywhere, pig out and drink too much and not care about tomorrow. They were definitely the best times of our lives. Now that we have our own families, we are busy with our lives and responsibilities. However, never let that inner foodie and explorer to die and plan a vacation with your family to one of the numerous tourist spots across the globe.

Book your tickets, hire a car and explore the city in style.

What is the second most important thing while choosing a place to visit besides the scenery and views? The food of course!

If you are visiting Asia

· Xiaolongbao from Shanghai : These soup dumplings are not the most popular choice but cheap, filling and make you crave for more.· Pork belly BBQ in South Korea : South Korea is a pretty expensive country but this BBQ fits the budget and is definitely worth trying.

· The Ginger/Tomato salad of Burma : Don’t be put off by the word salad as this is anything but that.

· Eggplant with minced pork, Hong Kong : Not a fan of eggplant? Well this dish served with tomato sauce will convert you forever.

· Jawain Butter Parantha in Amritsar, India : A quiet dhaba named Kesar in the backstreets of Amritsar that, with its enormous number of customers, is anything but quiet will have you hooked. is anything but quiet will have you hooked.

· Egg tarts, Hong Kong

· Cilantro/Enoki mushrooms wrapped in tofu/bacon, China· Laksa (a spicy noodle soup), Singapore

· Spring rolls : Are eaten in many countries but a famous cuisine in Taiwan

· Chicken curry : This is a popular food and will be found in menus from all across Asia with each country having its own staple recipe and taste

· Sushi (enough said)

When you are visiting Europe, do you have a plan to visit any where in Europe?

· Aracini, Italy : Not popular like pasta but once you have a taste of these, it will make you salivate whenever you hear the name

· Pierogi in Poland
· Waffles in Belgium
· Cheese fondue, Switzerland (Need I say more?)
· Goulash in Hungary
· Palatschinken in Austria
· Currywurst in Germany
· Potica in Slovenia
· Moussaka in Greece
· Kottbullar in Sweden
· Haggis in Scotland
· Halloumi as well as watermelon in Cyprus

When in America

· Apple Pie
· Hamburger
· Clam chowder
· Bagel and Lox
· Deep-Dish Pizza
· Drop Biscuits and the Sausage Gravy
· Texas Barbeque
· Hominy Grits
· Tacos
· Last but not the least, The Thanksgiving Feast!

Hello Australia

· Meat Pies
· Anzac cookies
· Chicken parmigiana
· Fish and chips
· Pavlova
· Barramundi

There are numerous other local cuisines in the places that are worth trying and you will only be able to discover if you go out there and explore. Travel with your family. It is best possible if you travel by hiring a car and start with the streets and local cuisines and do not be coward and be daring enough to try all the different foods and different flavours. Have fun exploring and eating!